“Why I love working for Stratus” with Robert Stapleton

“I love working for Stratus because I get to provide an opportunity to people that might not get the chance to be a business owner.” – Robert Stapleton, Stratus Building Solutions

Robert Stapleton Franchise Stratus Building Solutions

Robert Stapleton in the Stratus Building Solutions of St. Louis conference room.

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    Stratus Building Solutions Provides Comprehensive Training

    Stratus Building Solutions provides a comprehensive training program to all franchise owners and their workers.

    Training is how to use Stratus products and processes – but also includes how to run and operate your business for success.

    Click here or call us at 877-731-2020 to learn more about how to open a franchise with Stratus.

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      Stratus of Salt Lake City a Success

      Master Franchisees Put Everything on the Line and Sees Return Professionally and Personally

      Putting everything on the line was not just Shauna and Ed Sharpsteen’s investment for their family, it was an investment into a dream of business ownership.  As Stratus Building Solutions Master Franchise Owners, along with their daughter and son-in-law Emily and Jared Thomas, the risk has been well worth the reward. In their third year open as a franchising business who services professional buildings with green facility services, they operate at 5258 South Pinemont Drive, Suite B-280 in Salt Lake City, Utah and are available at 801-266-2200.

      Stratus Building Solutions of Salt Lake City

      Staff at Stratus Building Solutions of Salt Lake City

      Coming into the industry with little experience was initially thought to be a challenge, but ended up to actually be a benefit.  It allowed them to adhere to the system, which is how they have produced such striking results.  As co-founder of Stratus of Salt Lake City, Jared Thomas, shares, “We feel our success has come from approaching our business as though we knew nothing.  We follow the Stratus system and depend on our corporate contacts and colleagues to teach us what we need to know.”

      “We all came to the table with a wide range of capabilities, from sales, education, manufacturing, and banking – none of which had anything to do with Commercial Janitorial or Franchising,” explains Emily Thomas.  “However, building on that core with Stratus’ proven processes and procedures, a dedicated staff and a growing group of incredible franchisees on their team, they have flourished.”

      “It’s really great to be able to see franchisees make their dreams a reality. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the incredible system that Stratus has put together. Their years of experience and success in the industry have translated to a successful business for us and our franchisees,” informs Shauna Sharpsteen. “Each day brings new challenges and new successes, and most days we feel like we’re making great strides towards a more secure financial future for us, our staff and our franchisees.”

      The entire team shares the Stratus vision when it comes to franchising: Your Success is Our Only Business. They strive to provide an honest opportunity based on trust, honesty and hard work. “It helps if they have experience in the cleaning industry, but that’s not as important as their willingness to learn the Stratus system and follow it, and the desire to have a successful business where they can demonstrate pride of ownership,” informs Thomas . “We work very closely with the franchisees. We want them to know that our entire team is in their court, and that we’re here to assist in any way we can.”

      Sharpsteen was surprised how the human relations aspect of the business affected her. The stories of where people have come from and the success they have found as a Unit Franchisee of Stratus have touched her heart.  “It’s not the size of the plan they purchased. The higher performers have all of the above qualities plus the ability to take responsibility and make changes as necessary.” Providing an honest opportunity for success is easier with a national brand, providing them more offerings for their Unit Franchisees. “Our proprietary products help keep prices down for franchisees, while maintaining consistent quality,” says Thomas with enthusiasm.

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        Stratus Building Solutions Named To 2012 Military Friendly Franchises List

        #1 Fastest Growing Franchise Offers Stratus Veteran Program to Support Active Duty Military and Veterans

        Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchise, has been recognized as a top Military Friendly Franchise that goes above and beyond to support the heroes that fight for our country.  Stratus is among the top ten percent of franchise companies doing the most to recruit military veterans, and have some of the highest numbers of veteran franchisees, as determined through thorough research by the G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Franchise team.

        Stratus Building Solutions has made educating veterans about franchising options a priority. Through their own experiences with veteran franchise owners in all levels of the program, Stratus understands the value that comes with such experience. Dedicated workers that can follow exact procedure are ideal candidates for the facility services franchise and are traits many Veterans posses. Stratus hopes to attract those wanting to go into business for themselves by offering the special Stratus Veteran Program, which offers a discounted franchise fee and more.

        “We have been a proud member of the International Franchise Association’s VetFran Program for years and realize the transition to civilian life is much easier with a plan, which franchising with Stratus offers,” explains Dennis Jarrett, CEO and co-founder of Stratus Building Solutions. “Maintaining professional buildings is certainly different than being a fighter pilot, but the qualities of excellence and service are the same.”

        Read more here.

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          Stratus Celebrates National Safety Month

          June is National Safety Month, an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. This is huge to the commercial cleaning industry. Check out some of the free resources by clicking here.

          Each week carries a theme that brings attention to critical safety issues:

          2012 Weekly Themes
          Week 1: Employee wellness and PALA+ Challenge
          Week 2: Ergonomics
          Week 3: Preventing slips, trips and falls
          Week 4: Driving safety

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            Stratus Franchise Owner Identification

            All Stratus franchise owners are provided 2 uniforms and an official Stratus ID badge.

            There are also additional items available for purchase to distinguish yourself as a Stratus franchise owner, such as polo shirts, jackets, sweaters, long-sleeved uniforms, business cards and much more.

            You can call 877-731-2020 to learn more or place an order.

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              Stratus Representative is The Clean Trust Certified

              Robert Stapleton, part of the National Support Team and Regional Director for St. Louis, is now The Clean Trust certified in Carpet Cleaning, commercial CPT Maintenance. He passed with a 94% score on his written exam. Congratulations, Bob!

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                Benefits of a Home Based Franchise

                Stratus Building Solutions Top Home Based FranchiseThere are many benefits to home franchising. There is no overhead of a storefront and staff to maintain and pay for resulting in a lower financial risk. You also may qualify for tax advantages, depending on your business. The last reason is simply freedom. You have the freedom of flexibility to work when you please or to spend time with your family, which is a big selling point of home businesses.

                Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s premiere building services and maintenance franchising company, has been officially named the “Number 2 Top Home Based Franchise” by Entrepreneur magazine in the annual Franchise 500, with 4 “Top Ten” spots total.

                Dennis Jarrett, CEO of Stratus Building Solutions, states, “The strategic combination of our recession-resistant business model, our commitment to be the best in our industry and our continuing efforts to provide the most innovative systems, services and products for our franchises across the county. This ease of following the business translates well into a home based operation.”

                Pete Frese, President of Stratus Building Solutions, adds, “The true success of our franchise owners is not simply financial success; it is the achievement of the American Dream: to be financially successful and able to enjoy it. Home based operations help make both of those factors possible, resulting in what we call Stratus Successful.”

                Read more.

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                  Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s fastest growing international brand in the building services and maintenance franchise industry, has entered the Minneapolis market by awarding another Master Franchise to entrepreneur and veteran franchisor Kevin Spellacy. This marks his fourth Master Franchise location in the United States. Stratus Building Solutions of Minneapoliswill operate from headquarters at 7900 International Drive, Bloomington, MN 55425 and be available at (888) 609-8244.

                  Dennis Jarrett , CEO of Stratus Building Solutions, shares, “It’s no secret about the successful growth factor in the Stratus system at this point. Kevin is a prime example of the exponential growth that is possible by following the systems and processes. He is a leading Master Franchise Owner and promises Minneapolis the same successes that Louisville, Lexington and Indianapolis have already experienced.”

                  Pete Frese , President of Stratus Building Solutions, adds, “Kevin’s experience with Stratus so far has been nothing but positive. He understands the system inside and out and we have complete confidence he will continue growing the Stratus brand in this new location. His experienced team in place is already taking Minneapolis by storm, and we’re excited to see what this market is capable of.”

                  Mr. Spellacy states, “We are very proud to introduce Stratus Building Solution’s premier commercial cleaning service to the Minneapolis market.  Our customers should expect quality, reliability and value from our experienced staff.  They will enjoy the same impeccable service that we provide our business and institutional customers in Indianapolis.”

                  John McDonald will serve as Regional Director for Minnesota and has over 25 years of facility service experience. He also has experience in Operations and Sales. Lorena Aristizabal has over two years of Franchise Development experience and will act as Franchise Support.

                  Read more here.

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                    Dedicated Work is Your Job Security

                    Don’t let hard work scare you. The sense of accomplishment will be well worth it in the end.

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